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  1. Welding 1045 to A36 - American Welding Society

    Assuming this is not a code project and it is a one of a kind weldment assume the following: AISI 1045 is a medium carbon steel. The carbon content of the AISI 1045 is between 0.4 and 0.5% carbon. Assume the worst case and go with 0.5% carbon. The hydrogen introduced into the molten weld pool is dependent on the welding process you select.

  2. Weldability 1045 & 4140 - American Welding Society

    Hi guys, Can anyone comment on weldability of carbon steel AISI 1045 & low alloy steel AISI 4140. Welding staff around me state that weldability of 4140 is better then 1045. Thus, in material selection during design they always go for 4140. They say, the grain size of 1045 is bigger than grain size of 4140 and that is what causing lower weldability.

  3. The Best Metals For Welding | Metal Supermarkets - Steel ...

    Welding is a complicated process which means there are many complications that can arise. One way to reduce the risk is by selecting a metal that is easily weldable and does not require many extra pre-weld and post-weld operatins to prevent weld failure. Below are some of the best metals for welding.

  4. Welding 1045, process and filler suggestions

    Re: Welding 1045, process and filler suggestions For filler and procedure, it would be kind of like welding 4130 chrome-moly tubing. Except without the chrome or the moly, and a liitle more carbon.

  5. ASTM SAE AISI 1045 Carbon Steel Heat Treatment, Chemical ...

    The austenitizing temperature for SAE 1045 induction hardening carbon steel is 800-845 C. Full Annealing. The annealing temperature for AISI 1045 carbon steel is from 790-870 C, cooling cycle from 790 to 650 C at a rate of 28 C/h in furnace, and can get the HBW hardness range from 156 to 217. (Suitable for forgings with a section thickness of up to 75 mm.

  6. AISI 1045 Carbon Steel - AISI 1045 Medium Carbon Steel ...

    C1045 is a medium carbon, medium tensile steel supplied as forged or normalized. This steel shows reasonable strength and toughness. C1045 will through harden to 2.5 (63mm) with a tensile strength of 66-120 Ksi (620-850 MPa). Contact All Metals & Forge Group for your forging needs.

  7. AISI 1045 Medium Carbon Steel -

    Low hydrogen electrodes are preferred for welding AISI 1045 steel. The workpiece is Pre-heated at 200C300C (392F - 572F) Maintained at the same temperature during welding. Cooled slowly using sand, ashes etc and. Stress relieved at 550C - 660C (1022F - 1220F).

  8. weldability of 1045 cast steel - WeldingWeb

    The 10 indicates it is a plain carbon steel. The 45 indicates carbon content. AISI 1020 has lower carbon content than 1045. The slightly higher carbon content may cause underbead cracking in heavier sections. If you are repairing a component that failed, chack the area for any cracks or other discontinuities in the weld area.

  9. 1045 Medium Tensile Carbon Steel Bar | Interlloy ...

    1045 is a medium tensile low hardenability carbon steel generally supplied in the black hot rolled or occasionally in the normalised condition, with a typical tensile strength range 570 - 700 Mpa and Brinell hardness range 170 - 210 in either condition.Characterised by fairly good strength and impact properties, plus good machinability and reasonable weldability in the hot rolled or normalised condition.

  10. Preheat temperature for 1045 steel? -

    In each case I will be welding 1045 steel. One piece is 3/4 round 1045 to a mild steel sleeve, the other is 1 1/2 round to flat stock (lengthwise). Weld will be ER70S2.

  11. 1018 vs. 1045 Steel Comparison | Capital Steel & Wire

    1018 vs. 1045 Steel Comparison Carbon steel is one of the most widely used materials in the world, and the 1018 and 1045 grades of steel is a big reason for that. One of the most common questions that arise when considering buying cold finished steel products is the difference between 1018 cold steel bars and 1045 cold bars.

  12. Tig Weld 1045 to 4140 - Welding Tips and Tricks

    1045 is very common in hand tools like pliers, vise grips, welding clamps, etc. the 45 means .45% carbon orbest welding 1045 carbon steel45 points of carbon. Thats enough carbon to make it harden by heat treatment and also adds quite a bit of strength to the steel even in the normalized condition.

  13. Welding Carbon Steel | Metal Supermarkets - Steel ...

    High carbon steels contain approximately 0.61% 2.1% carbon; Each type of carbon steel requires different considerations when welding. Low carbon steel is typically the most readily welded steel in a room temperature environment. Examples of low carbon steel suitable for welding include C1008, C1018, A36, A1011 and A500.

  14. 1040 vs 1045 Steel Comparison | Capital Steel & Wire

    Both 1040 and 1045 steels are popular at Capital Steel & Wire, and both have different chemical and mechanical characteristics. These also help determine different applications for both grades of steel. Chemical Makeup To see differences in chemical characteristics of 1040 and 1045 it is best to do a side by side comparrison.

  15. Welding-steel low carbon and low alloy: Materials and ...

    Welding-steel, welding low carbon and low alloy steels by all processes. Know the Weldability of steels and iron base alloys. What makes a material easy or hard to weld. Brittle heat affected zone.

  16. Sword Steels 101 -

    1045 Carbon Steel swords are quite cheap to make because, being relatively soft, they are easy to make (either by hand forging, pressing or machine milling). Because the minimum carbon content starts at 0.40% - and 1045 carbon steel is 0.45% - it is effectively the MINIMUM acceptable steel for a functional blade.

  17. Welding High Carbon Steels -

    Hello, I'm currently working on a new project that takes us a little out of our norm. We need to weld several pieces E52100 high carbon steel together, preferably using a tig welder (although we do have a mig and stick welder on site if necessary). I am aware that preheating to 350F will be required best welding 1045 carbon steel


    1045 medium tensile carbon steel bar 1045 is a medium tensile low hardenability carbon steel generally supplied in the black hot rolled or occasionally in the normalised condition, with a typical tensile strength range 570 - 700 Mpa and Brinell hardness range 170 - 210 in either

  19. Welding 1045 steel with 309 filler - YouTube

    Tig welding 1045 steel with 309L on a mild steel plate for a non structural use, not enough preheat which caused some parts to cold crack and some undercut which could be seen using the dye best welding 1045 carbon steel


    Welding of Medium/High Carbon Steels and Special Steels 5. Considerations about cracks (1) Causes of weld cracks. Generally speaking, cracks in medium/high carbon steel can occur when some time has elapsed after welding finished. These cracks are called cold cracks or delayed cracks.

  21. Cheap 1045 carbon steel sword katana bend and cut test ...

    Cheap 1045 carbon steel sword katana bend and cut test best welding 1045 carbon steel High Carbon Steel vs Mild Steel Test - Duration: best welding 1045 carbon steel 1,158,601 views. 16:44.

  22. steel shaft 1045 - Miller Welding Discussion Forums

    Welding Certain facts about welding of AISI 1045 steel are: AISI 1045 steel is readily welded when correct procedure is followed. Welding AISI 1045 steel in through-hardened, tempered and flame or induction hardened condition is not recommended. Low hydrogen electrodes are preferred for welding AISI 1045 steel. The workpiece is

  23. MIG Welding Carbon Steel - Joint Set-UP, Electrodes and ...

    MIG Weld on Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Joint Preparation and Set-Up. Joint preparation for carbon steel is the same as if you are stick welding with an E7018. The weld area needs to be free of oils, paints, heavy rust, and in most cases mill scale. Ideally you want to grind the joint area back about 1 of an inch to clean metal.

  24. How To Weld 4140 Steel | WELDING ANSWERS

    The filler metal recommended for welding 4140 steel is ER80S-D2. ER70S-2 can be used but you will be undermatching the base material. Low-hydrogen electrodes minimize the amount of diffusible hydrogen in the weld. With the elevated carbon content even low levels of hydrogen can wreck havoc.

  25. Welding Stainless to Carbon - Welding Tips and Tricks

    309 is usually the filler metal chosen for welding stainless to carbon steel when the composition of both are known. Nickel alloys are sometimes used for welding stainless to carbon because nickel alloys wont become hard and brittle no matter the carbon content of the steel. The base metal can become hard but the weld metal wont.

  26. Atlas 1045 Medium Tensile Carbon Steel Bar 1045

    Atlas 1045 is a fully killed plain carbon steel product containing nominally 0.45% carbon. This grade was formerly designated as K1045. Atlas 1045 is supplied based on it meeting specified chemical composition requirements only. Related Specifications Bar in grade 1045 is supplied in accordance with the requirements of JIS J4051 grade

  27. ASTM SAE AISI 1018 Carbon Steel Chemical Composition ...

    AISI SAE ASTM 1018 steel has many semifinished and final products such as round bar, flat bar, steel tubing and pipes, etc. 1018 carbon steel is versatile and is commonly used in a variety of carburized parts such as gears, pinions, ratchets, worms, pins, chain pins, pins, machine parts, tools and mold components.

  28. 4150/4140 Steel Welding Guide | Associated Steel Corporation

    Technical Data Kromite #3 and Mirraloy TGP Welding Guidelines GENERAL WELDING INFORMATION. Our Proprietary Chemistry, Q & T, through hardened products are readily welded utilizing the Standard Low- Hydrogen Method.

  29. Consumables Corner: Welding medium-carbon to high-strength ...

    Welding process, maximum interpass temperature, cooling rate after welding, and postweld heat-treat (PWHT) are all variables that need to be specified and controlled for this application. Preheat and maximum interpass temperatures on the AISI 1050 steel are thickness- and carbon equivalency-dependent.

  30. 1045 Carbon Steel Rod Stock - Grainger Industrial Supply

    1045 Carbon Steel Rod Stock. 27 products found. Carbon steel rod stock from Grainger is available in cold-finished alloy types suitable for welding, machining and free cutting. Choose general purpose and precision carbon steel rod stock in 1-foot to 6-foot lengths with diameters up to 3 inches. Centerless carbon steel rounds are machine ready best welding 1045 carbon steel

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