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  1. 1.7225 Material 42CrMo4+QT Steel Chemical Composition ...

    42CrMo4 Heat Treatment Quenching temperature: 820 to 880 (Austenitizing period: at least 30 min; Quenching agent: Oil or water) Tempering temperature: 540 to 680 (at least 60 min)

  2. Fatigue crack growth of 42CrMo4 and 41Cr4 steels under ...

    In experimental research, different heat treatment conditions were used for samples from the 42CrMo4 steel (HT1, HT2, HT3 and N-normalized) as well as 41Cr4 steel (HT4, HT5, HT6). It is worth to underline that the HT1 is a typical heat treatment procedure for 42CrMo4 steel.

  3. 42CrMo4 hardened and tempered - M.T. Acciai s.r.l.

    HEAT TREATMENT SURFACE DIAMETER (mm) 42CrMo4: Quenched and tempered: rolled reeled forged turned peeled h11 / drawn: 80-330 340-800 20-80: 42CrMo4 high resistance. Quenched and tempered: rolled reeled rolled, rough: 80-320

  4. DIN 42CrMo4 datasheet,DIN 42CrMo4 chemical,DIN 42CrMo4 ...

    Technical specifications of DIN 42CrMo4 hardened and tempered steel - Chemical composition, mechanical properties from steelmaking,forging,rolling,heat treatment,cold working.We also possess advanced precision machining equipments for further processing

  5. 42CrMo4 - Special steel china supplier-OTAI Special Steel

    Heat Treatment of SAE 4140 Alloy Steel ASTM 4140 Steel Annealing Slowly heat to 8008500 C, keep enough time, ensure heat thoroughly. then cooling in furnace to 480 C, then cool in air.

  6. 42CrMo4 / 1.7225 - SteelNumber - Chemical composition ...

    Properties of steel 42CrMo4 (1.7225) Weldability: Bad weldability due to the high crack danger. Hardenability: Medium-good hardenability, suitable for hot purposes till a temperature of 500 C.

  7. 34CrNiMo6 | 1.6582 | 4337 Engineering Steel - Otai Special ...

    5.Heat Treatment of 34CrNiMo6 Engineering Steel. Quenched and Tempered (Q+T) of 34CrNiMo6 Steel. Heat 34CrNiMo6 round steel slowly to the temperature of 850C; Soak at this hardening temperature quench in oil; Temper as soon as 34CrNiMo6 steels reach room temperature. Heat uniformly to the suitable temperature;


    CHAPTER 2 BASIC HEAT TREATMENT As Steelworkers, we are interested in the heat treat-ment of metals, because we have to know what effects the heat produced by welding or cutting has on metal.

  9. Heat Treating 4140 steel FAQ : How-to.

    Hardening and tempering anvil and die steel. 2) Fully hardened 4140 ranges from 54 to 59 HRC. But it should be tempered for any heavy use. 3) Tempering recommendations from the ASM heat treaters guide for 4140-4142 is a minimum of 400F. This leaves near full hardness. The following table is extrapolated from a hardness graph given in Brinellbest 42crmo4 heat treatment

  10. Analysis of Tempering Treatment on Material Properties of ...

    DIN 41Cr4 and DIN 42CrMo4 materials have been widely used in automotive driving elements. Although 42CrMo4 is more expensive than 41Cr4, it is more preferable in terms of material properties. In this study, these two materials were heat treated by austenitizing in a continuous furnace at 850 C and quenched in oil at 90 C.

  11. 42CrMo4 - steel-navigator

    General Information. After the oil quenching, the steel will be through hardened up to 60 mm bar diameter. The microstructure of larger dimensions is not fully martensite. The steel is applicable to induction hardening. The surface hardness will exceed min. 53 HRC. 42CrMo4 can be delivered M-treated in order to optimize the machinability.

  12. Analysis of Tempering Treatment on Material Properties of ...

    Weibull distributions were plotted. Results indicated that 42CrMo4 had a longer life than 41Cr4 material. medium-carbon steels overcomes the temper embrittlement of Keywords DIN 41Cr4, DIN 42CrMo4, fatigue, heat treatment, tempering, Weibull distribution these steels.

  13. 42CrMo4,42CrMo4 forging parts,42CrMo4 forged rings ...

    As per heat treatment of 42CrMo4 forged parts, We could do anealed, normalized, hardening and tempering as per the needs of the clients. best 42crmo4 heat treatment Please send us the size or drawing of 42CrMo4 forged material that you need, we are glad to quote the best price for your side . 42CrMo4.

  14. 42CrMo vs 4140 vs 42CrMo4 (EN 1.7225) Steel - Chinese ...

    The following tables show 42crmo vs 4140 vs 42CrMo4 (1.7225) Steel, they are similar in Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties and are all belong to Alloy Steels.

  15. 4140HW Alloy Steel Technical Data

    Heat Treatment Temperatures Normalize 1600 1700F (871 927C), Forced air cool prior to harden/temper Quench and Temper Austenitize 1600 1650F (871 899C), Liquid quench, Temper to desired strength

  16. Heat treatment drawing specification - Metal and ...

    If no other heat treatment is specified for the component on the drawing, then it is assumed whatever heat treat condition the component has when finished is acceptable. On the other hand, you could add a note stating something like "Rough machine all surfaces to within .XX" of final profile and heat treat Rc38-42 in accordance with AMS2759/1".

  17. AISI 4140 | 42CrMo4 | 1.7225 | SCM440 - Xingsheng Special ...

    AISI 4140 is defined as a low alloy steel which has 1% Cr-Mo as strengthening alloy elements.Compared with AISI 4130, it has a higher carbon content with good balance of strength, toughness ,abrasion and impact resistance and heat treatment capabilities,but poor in weldability characteristics.AISI 4140 is generally supplied in quenched and tempered condition with hardness 28-32HRC.

  18. How To Weld 4140 Steel | WELDING ANSWERS

    Question is, given the post heat treatment, must I pre-heat the components prior to welding? If so, do you have any recommendations for the best way to achieve this? I am thinking a hand torch with temp indicating chalk until the process is measured, and then using timed torch application when automated.

  19. Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties and ...

    Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of best 42crmo4 heat treatment To best of the authors knowledge the heat treatability of this steel grade produced in Nigeria have not been evaluated. The objective of the present study is to investigate the effect of heat treatment

  20. Effects of hydrogen on the fracture toughness of 42CrMo4 ...

    The reason for using different heat treatments was to obtain different steel grades in order to analyse the way hydrogen degrades the fracture toughness of the same steel but with different microstructures and strength levels. The sequence of heat treatments and the nomenclature of the 42CrMo4 steel grades are shown in Table 2.

  21. EN19 SAE 4140 SCM440 42CrMo4 Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel

    Heat Treatment Hardening Heat to 840 875 o C for a time commensurate with ruling section and quench in Oil, Water or Polymer. If water quenching is to be done, although not recommended, care must be taken to ensure that all sharp corners are removed prior to heat treatment.

  22. 42CRMO4 forged alloy steel round bar in all sizes|-|offer ...

    42CRMO4 forged alloy steel round bar manufacturer, Stockholder & Supplier. We have a specialist dedicated 42CRMO4 forged alloy steel round bar team and can supply the following stainless steel grades in bar and round bar form with the following sizes in stock:. 42CRMO4 forged alloy steel round bar Production according to national and international standards (e.g. ASME, ASTM, API, EN, DNV, etc.)

  23. Heat Treatment and Hardnening of 4140 Steel - YouTube

    BCIT millwright students heat 4140 steel to 1650 Deg F to heat treat and harden. The process show the quenching in oil. Be sure to use safety gear when doing this type of work for personal safety.

  24. Best Heat Treatment Cycle for 34CrNiMo6 [DIN] or 4340,4337 ...

    Best Heat Treatment Cycle for 34CrNiMo6 [DIN] or 4340,4337 [AISI] 05/22/2013 4:29 PM Hi every one.I have a question about 34CrNiMo6 [in DIN standard] (or in AISI 4340 or 4337) steel.

  25. 4140 heat treatment |

    Interested in some information on heat treat for 4140 for hand forged cleavers, hatchets, and shop tools. Not much luck so far searching, also wondering if thereis a thread with consolidated heat treatment "best practices" that I am missing.

  26. 42crmo4 Heat Treatment, 42crmo4 Heat Treatment ... - Alibaba offers 183 42crmo4 heat treatment products. About 1% of these are laboratory heating equipments, 1% are other fabrication services, and 1% are industrial furnace. A wide variety of 42crmo4 heat treatment options are available to you, such as free samples.

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