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  1. What Is a .410 Shotgun? | Gone Outdoors | Your Adventure ...

    Because they are small, .410 shotguns are good for teaching youngsters to shoot, shooting skeet and pursuing small game. The name .410 refers to the bore diameter of the gun; using more common terms, a .410 is equal to a 68-gauge shotgun. The primary benefits of a .410 shotgun include its light weightwhat is a 410 good for

  2. What are .410 Shotguns used for? Dedicated to the ...

    The .410 is good for hunting wild game, target practice and home defense. Lets take a look at these three areas .410 shotguns excel in. 1. Hunting: The .410 is perfect for hunting small game and in the hands of a capable and experienced hunter, larger game such as deer. I use a .410 deer hunting and they are deadly under 50 yards.

  3. Is A .410 Pistol All It's Cracked Up To Be For Concealed ...

    Is A .410 Pistol Really That Good For Concealed Carry? One of the greatest gimmick guns in recent memory is the .410 pistol, such as the Judge and Public Defender series from Taurus and the Governor by Smith and Wesson.People insist that it's a handheld shotgun and that it's some sort of manstopper.

  4. What is a .410 Shotgun Good For ??? - AR15.COM

    What is a .410 Shotgun Good For ??? Not much IMHO. Shell are to high with not enough shot in them. I think about how it would be nice to go home and mow the lawn, take a nap, go on a bike ride, wack off in a phone booth with a rabid mountain lion and a fist full of thumbtacks.- Defcon

  5. Is a .410 shotgun a good choice for home self-defense? - Quora

    Thanks for the A2A Tim. The only standardized, reasonably scientific method I have ever discovered, to determine if a round, fired from a particular firearm, is considered adequate as a self defensive round, was devised by the FBI. The standard iswhat is a 410 good for

  6. Is a .410 a good shotgun for deer hunting? And what is the ...

    A 30-30 rifle has excellent power for close range deer,doesn't kick and ammo is as cheap as anything that you can buy today. If you decide to use the 410 I think that you should practice quite a lot to get the proper feel for where to hold the bead and to limit the shots to standing deer at very close range. Good luck to you.

  7. What good is a .410? | Gun and Game - The Friendliest Gun ...

    410 is on a resurgence here in the land of OTZ, they dont stay on the shelves that long, some the guy's use them on spring waterfowl here, its a good utility round, just begging to be used! it is a threat to the .22lr as far as useage, 3" #2's are hard to argue with the results.

  8. What is .410 good for? | The High Road

    But to OP, .410 as a "garden gun" for pest control makes more sense to me than things like the Marlin .22 magnum rimfire shotgun or the european 9mm shotshell "garden guns". I am tempted to think that a conventional .410 shotgun with a very long barrel would make a good relatively quiet pest control.

  9. Why have a .410 guage shotgun - Survivalist Forum

    .410 rounds, it's capable of doing all the same things and you can certainly carry more rounds of it than 12ga or 20. It's a good choice for bug-out weapon. I keep two bandoliers carrying 50 rounds each.

  10. .410 hunting uses? | The High Road

    .410 Every gun is good for something and I keep a .410 in the closet to deal with woodpeckers and small nuisance varmints. Thats about all its good for unless my nephew visits and wants to shoot cans or camp on the back 40. It then for him is a good deterrent against night time coyote and couger visits.

  11. Rethinking the Power of the .410 - Gun Digest

    On page 386 of the 7th Edition is the statement, The .410 slug is not good for anything but small game at short range. On page 393, however, he states that, while inadequate for deer, the slugs are quite effective in guns such as the Savage M-24 combination gun (with rifle sights) and that it is possible to hit rabbit-size targets at 80 what is a 410 good for

  12. What is the best use of a .410 shotgun? HUNTING? What ...

    A .410 slug is very good, but the range is limited. I use a .410 bird shot for squirrels and rabbits, but once again you need to be close, but thats the fun part about hunting small game like that. Using a scope and a high powered rifle to kill squirrels, there's nothing sporting about that.

  13. Shotgunworld.com What is a 410 SxS shotgun good for?

    I know where I can posibly get a Winchester(at least that is the brand the guy says it is) side by side 410 shotgun for a good price.I was wondering what do people use the 410 for?I have always used a 12 Gauge for everything.So what purpose does a 410 have?Thanks in advance.

  14. American Rifleman | .410 Slugs for Deer Hunting?

    If youre like me, youve pondered the suitability of .410 slugs for whitetail deer hunting. However, theres little consensus about the subject; in fact, even ammunition companies what is a 410 good for

  15. This Is What Happens When You Use A .410 for Self Defense ...

    This Is What Happens When You Use A .410 for Self Defense If you are concerned about home protection and self defense, you may want to consider the statistics on home invasions and all your options. Yes it is a process.

  16. The Best .410 Shotgun for Trap and Skeet Shooting

    And, likewise, a good skeet gun will operate like an extremity: effortlessly. It will enhance your natural abilities, hone your aim, extend your swing, and discharge naturally so you are not stumbling all over spent shells. In that vent, a good .410 shotgun is lightweight, easy to wield, and not complicated to load.

  17. What is a .410 bolt-action good for? | Yahoo Answers

    The .410 is a handy little shotgun round, capable of birding and small game, vermin of both the four and two-legged varieties, etc. At under $100 American, if the finish is good and it's in good working order, I'd say get it. That's a deal here and there in the UK your choices are limited.

  18. R-410A - Wikipedia

    R-410A, sold under the trademarked names AZ-20, EcoFluor R410, Forane 410A, Freon 410A, Genetron R410A, Puron, and Suva 410A is a zeotropic, but near-azeotropic mixture of difluoromethane (CH 2 F 2, called R-32) and pentafluoroethane (CHF 2 CF 3, called R-125), which is used as a refrigerant in air conditioning applications.

  19. Maximizing .410 Shotgun Performance for Hunting and ...

    In sum, .410 combination guns have their place in the survival line-up. Their limitations of range must be respected, but they do have enough power up close to take down deer-sized game or a cougar-sized threat provided good ammunition is used and shots are well placed.

  20. Is a .410 single shot shotgun a good choice for teaching a ...

    A single shot .410 is what you buy a kid to get them to hate shotguns and hunting. A 20 gauge pump is the way to go to teach a child how to shoot trap and ultimately kill pheasants or ducks. If the child is on the smaller side and I mean tiny Timwhat is a 410 good for

  21. .410 bore - Wikipedia

    The .410 bore or .410 gauge, is the second-smallest caliber of shotgun shell commonly available. A .410 bore shotgun loaded with shot shells is well suited for small game hunting and pest control. The .410 started off in the UK as a garden gun along with the .360 and the No.3, what is a 410 good for

  22. What can a .410 shotgun take down? - Field and Stream ...

    they are pretty good at putting a good dent in your wallet, thats why i shoot 12 and 20 ga its alot cheaper. Comment. Post Cancel what is a 410 good for raccoon, doves, crows, pheasants, grouse, woodcock, groundhog and pigeon with my .410 shotgun!!! Comment. Post Cancel [email protected] what is a 410 good for

  23. .410 Loads for Self-Defense A Carjacker's Worst ...

    Good article! Anyone dissing the .410 should take a look at the Mossberg 500 in that caliber. The company sells an 18-inch CYL bore barrel for it, making for a very trim, light shotgun with mild recoil. Perfect for the recoil shy or for those with back or shoulder issues who cant take the recoil of the 12 or 20 gauge.

  24. Shotgunworld.com What is a 410 SxS shotgun good for?

    I would say the .410 is "good" for a number of things, but it more more limited and restrictive than any of the larger gauges. There is nothing that it is "best" for, and even where it is adequate it will cost you more to shoot it than anything else unless you roll your own.

  25. Turkey Hunting with the .410 | Guns and Shooting ...

    A Case for the .410. I admittedly cringe a little every time I hear proud parents tell me theyre looking into a .410-bore shotgun for their aspiring little hunter. Learning the fundamentals of shotgun shooting is incredibly difficult with a .410 because its 1/2- to 11/16-ounce payload is stuffed into and shot through a pinkie-finger-sized tube.

  26. This Is What Happens When You Use A .410 for Self Defense ...

    If you have one of these good old standby shotguns hanging around, you might find it useful to use your .410 for self defense.

  27. .410 Shotgun Good for Self Defense? (Range Test ...

    I recently acquired a Mossberg 183T bolt action .410 shotgun. Decided to do some range tests with various loads to try to answer the question, "Is a .410 shotshell good for self defense?" Did some what is a 410 good for

  28. 4:10 gears? | Yahoo Answers

    The older vehicles that had 4:10 gears from the factory with direct (not overdrive) transmissions had a top speed in the range of 65-75 MPH, depending on the tire size. At 60 MPH, they sounded like an aircraft engine ready for takeoff. Good luck with your decision.

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