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  1. Stealth Dynamator - Dynamo to Alternator Conversion ...

    Product Description. Dynamator_45_Type3_PP - Stealth Dynamator - Dynamo to Alternator Conversion replaces Lucas C45 Dynamo - Pos Earth Replace your old, unreliable dynamo with a stealthy modern alternator. The Stealth Dynamator is designed to replace your dynamo with an alternator without compromising the classic looks of your engine bay.

  2. 45 Amp positive earth dynamo conversion dynamator to ...

    Dynamator - Dynamo to Alternator Conversion. Sku: Dynamator_Type3_PP - 45 Amp Positive Earth C45 Dynamator. The Stealth Dynamator is designed to replace your dynamo with an alternator without compromising the classic looks of your engine bay.

  3. accuspark dynamator : T-Series & Prewar Forum : MG ...

    The best one of them all is called "Gener-Nator" and is a direct Lucas C45 replacement and is made in Oregon. Pos or Neg ground. He supplies new duplicate C45 cases, or you can send him your old original date stamped Lucas one. No C40 or C42's of any kind, but you can replace it with a C45. Nobody makes a 45 with the tach drive.

  4. Stealth Dynamator - AccuSpark

    This list below is a guide to some popular applications This should be taken as a guide only as no responsibility can be taken for the accuracy of information

  5. Lucas type Dynamator - C45 Classic Car Accessories

    Brilliant product, replaces the original Lucas C45 generator. Available in positive or negative earth. - Adjuster lug thickness. 10mm - Mounting lug thickness. 10mm - Distance between mounting lugs 165 mm - Shaft Diameter 15mm - Amps Output 45A - Condition 100% New - Right hand top adjust or left hand bottom adjust, no other configuration available.

  6. Lucas C45 vs C39 Dynamo - Possible Fix for Charging System ...

    Also the C45 pulley has to align with your water pump and crank pulleys. To compare, you'd need a C45 measurement from the inside of the front lower mount to the flat outside of the pulley. That measurement on a C39 is 49.5mm. There are a few variations of the C45 dynamo, so you'd need the one measured to be the one you receive.

  7. Lucas type Dynamator C45 Positive Earth | Trade Me

    Lucas type Dynamator C45 Positive Earth - Trade Me Motors. New cars and used cars, motorbikes, boats and more for sale on

  8. I have just bought a Dynamator,... - Roger Martin Hatchman ...

    I have just bought a Dynamator, alternator replacement for a Lucas C39 dynamo. Good fast service as well. Two conflics I wish to clear before fitting. 1 - the wiring diagram dose not tally with the item I have received, it shows both terminals as being on the end cover. One is one the side / body of the unit, I presume that is the warning light.

  9. Dynamator - Alternator for Morris Cooper S - New / unused ...

    For sale is a new / unused Dynamator - Dynamo Alternator which I purchased several years ago. It was painted with the correctly matched BMC Green engine paint which is the brush on type. It has not been used or fitted, just sitting on the shelf. Better used in your car than on my shelf. Collection also ok from Airport West, Melbourne Victoria.

  10. Dynamator Conversion : Electrical / Instruments by ...

    Hi a dynamator is a lightweight 45amp alternator built into a dynamo body so it fits older cars and retains the original look. The car does have a +earth radio but it does not work and I intend to remove it.

  11. How To Install A Dynamator? - Problems, Questions and ...

    How To Install A Dynamator? - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: Hi I am getting a dynamator tomorrow to install on my mk1 mini 1963 it was originally a positive earth but now have changed battery round and put a negative earth electronic ignition in. The engine is now running great but I need to get my charging system done. I have taken out the control box and will fit a dummy one?


    Dynalites perform best with a 2:1 pulley ratio. It may be necessary to use a smaller pulley on low revving engines. Ensure all wiring is rated at 40Amps minimum. LUCAS TYPE UNITS FOR POWERLITE REFERENCES: RAC014, RAC024, RAC025 RAC026, RAC030T, RAC031T

  13. c45 dynamo products for sale | eBay

    This is the new larger model Dynamator that replaces the Lucas C45 Dynamo. If you are thinking of converting your Classic Car to an Alternator you can use the Dynamator and retain a totally original look.

  14. Dynalite to replace Lucas C45 Dynamo - Negative Earth for ...

    Dynalite replacement for Lucas C45 Dynamo. This unit offers the advantages of a 60 amp lightweight alternator, but built into a dynamo type casing. The unit has its own internal regulator so there is no need for an external type. Your existing Voltage regulator can be used simply as a junction point

  15. All new Dynamator Dynamo/Alternator Conversion 45amp Lucas ...

    with the added advantage of also being light weight, coming in at only 3.5 Kilograms. These Dynamator comes in right hang When fitted to engine, on the right-hand side it will have two mounting bolts at top with the single adjuster at the bottom. It can also be fitted on the left side of engine with the two mounting bolts on the bottom and single adjuster at top.

  16. Powermaster V-Belt Alternator Pulleys - Free Shipping on ...

    Find Powermaster V-Belt Alternator Pulleys and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Powermaster V-belt alternator pulleys are manufactured from quality materials for strength and durability.

  17. Dynamator Dynamo to Alternator Conversion Lucas replaces ...

    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dynamator Dynamo to Alternator Conversion Lucas replaces C45 Positive Earth 45am at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

  18. Triumph TR4A Ancillaries Restoration - Triumph TR4A IRS ...

    Triumph TR4A Ancillaries Restoration - Engine Bay. We had a bit of trouble fitting our conversion. The problem was getting it to line up on the bracket.

  19. The Villiers Engineering Co. Ltd. -

    The Villiers Engineering Co. Ltd. 1919 to 1939. In 1916 John Marston retired from Sunbeam and he died in 1918. His son Charles then had to deal with the problem of paying death duties on the estate, that tax having been recently introduced.

  20. Lucas Dynamo C45 Sale : Save up to 18%

    Buy lucas dynamo c45 and save big - low UK Shipping & fast. Top deal of the day : Save up to 18% on lucas dynamo c45 sale bargains!

  21. Lucas Dynamo Official Site -

    Dynamator Dynamo Alternator Conversion Replaces LUCAS C45 Negative Earth 45 Amp. $237.20. LUCAS DYNAMO C40L 22713L 1966 - TRIUMPH - VITESSE? GENERATOR - CLASSIC CAR . $43.03. NOS Lucas E3L Dynamo Armature BSA A7A10 C10 C11 6V # 200752 RGS LU42. $149.95. vintage bicycling accessories dynamo Lucas ?33 b2280.

  22. Alternators | Cheap Car Alternator Parts | Car Parts 4 Less

    Alternators. The alternator recharges your cars battery while it is running. This allows the battery to power your headlights, radio, and more. Deliver the power your car needs, and get more for your money with a superior alternator from Car Parts 4 Less.

  23. Negative Ground For Sale - Discontinued And Out Of Stock

    Best Negative Ground Online. Buy Negative Ground on eBay now! Find Negative Ground for sale. Fast 307222 . Fast 307222 6v-18v, Reverse Polarity Protected, Negative Ground Only Rpm Rev. $744.38. Distributor, New, Distributor, New, Electronic Ignition, 12 Volt Negative Ground 107304c91-12v.

  24. Jaguar E-type Alternators And Parts | Alternators And ...

    Purchasing used alternators-and-parts spares can regularily save the savvy shopper up to 70% compared to the higher price of new, and with a selection of new also available in our online comparison store you have the best of both worlds, the convenience of new Jaguar E type parts and the more affordable price of Jaguar E type used parts.

  25. Alternator conversion and tach -

    Hey Larry, have you considered conversion to Dynamator? It looks like a C45 type generator but with alternator (Bosche?) internals but not much installation modification. Mine provides constant 14.5V charging at around 1000 RPMs and 45 amps. They're perfect for more than basic Healey applications GONZO.

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