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  1. Alloy 20 Stainless Steel | McMaster-Carr

    A high nickel content allows Alloy 20 stainless steel to stand up to harsh chemicals in caustic environments. It's also known as Carpenter 20. Maximum temperature for corrosion resistance is not rated.

  2. Alloy 20 Stainless Steel Supplier - Nickel Alloy 20 Stock ...

    Alloy 20 stainless steel is a super-austenitic stainless alloy developed for maximum corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid and other aggressive environments not suitable for typical austenitic grades.. Our Alloy 20 steel is a solution for stress corrosion cracking that can occur when stainless steel is introduced to chloride solutions.

  3. Nickel Alloy 20, Carpenter 20, Incoloy 20 - Continental ...

    Alloy 20, also known as Carpenter 20 and Incoloy 20, is an austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloy. This super alloy, which also includes copper and molybdenum, is popular in the production of gasoline, solvents, explosives, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food and synthetic materials.

  4. Alloy 20 Products

    Alloy 20 (20Cb-3) is an austenitic stainless steel which was designed for maximum resistance to acid attacks and as such has excellent resistance to hot sulfuric acid. Alloy 20 is also resistant to intergranular corrosion in the as-welded condition.

  5. Stainless Steel Bars & Nickel Alloys - Pump Shaft ...

    Best Stainless is an industry leading supplier of nickel alloys which keeps and maintains a complete inventory of stainless steel alloys. Learn More Call us today at (713)482-4000

  6. Compare 20 Grades of Knife Steel - The Balance

    The grade of steel, as well as how it's made, determines everything from the blade's hardness and durability to its ability to take and hold a sharp edge and its corrosion resistance. If you spend any time in the kitchen or outdoors, you'll understand the value of having a strong knife blade that retains a sharp edge.

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