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  1. Inconel 693 Alloy | AMERICAN ELEMENTS

    Inconel 693 is a high-chromium nickel base alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature creep-rupture strength. IN-693 is used in metal dusting applications and other high-temperature industrial environments. American Elements manufactures Inconel 693 in forms such as powder, plate, rod, wire, and sputtering target.

  2. Inconel Alloy 693 - Boltport Fasteners

    Boltport fasteners offer Inconel 693 bolts and nuts with standard and custom manufacturing to your specification. We covers Inconel 693 hex bolts, studs, stud bolts, hex nuts, washers, threaded rod and other fastener in metric and inch sizes with coarse, fine and extra fine threads to ASME, UN, BS, ISO and DIN standards.

  3. INCONEL - PCC Forged Products

    Mechanical Properties INCONEL alloy 693 exhibits excellent mechanical properties. Nominal tensile properties are given in Table 5. Typical tensile properties of annealed bar from room-temperature to 2000F (1093C) are found in Figure 1. El ongati , % Product Form ksi MPa ksi MPa Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2% Offset)

  4. Special Metals INCONEL alloy 693 -

    INCONEL alloy 693 offers the best resistance to metal dusting in chemical and petrochemical processing environments of any conventional alloy currently manufactured. Like its predecessor, INCONEL alloy 690, the alloy's high chromium content gives it excellent resistance to oxidation and sulfidation.

  5. INCONEL 693 Steel Plate, Sheet, Pipe, Bar - Katalor Steel ...

    INCONEL 693 alloys offer the ability to produce all the alloys in the best chemical and petrochemical environment, with excellent mechanical properties, creep and fracture properties.

  6. INCONEL alloy 693 - Steel grades

    INCONEL alloy 693 can be supplied as steel plate/ sheet, round steel bar, steel tube/pipe, steel stripe, steel billet, steel ingot, steel wire rods. electroslag, forged ring/ block,etc. Join Supplier: [email protected]

  7. ASTM A 693 - Rolled Alloys, Inc.

    Alloy X-750 is a nickel chromium alloy similar to Alloy 600 but made precipitation hardenable by additions of aluminum and titanium.

  8. Super Alloy INCONEL 693 (UNS N06693) -

    INCONEL alloy 693 provides resistance to high temperature corrosion mechanisms. The alloy also has excellent resistance to metal dusting in chemical and petrochemical processing environments. The alloy's high chromium content provides it excellent resistance to oxidation and sulfidation. It possesses excellent mechanical properties.

  9. Product Focus INCONEL alloy 690 and 693

    INCONEL alloy 693. INCONEL alloy 693 has the same high level of chromium as INCONEL alloy 690 and typically around 60.5% nickel, although this value varies as it makes up the remainder of the metal content once the other elements are combined.

  10. Brass Alloy 693 Bar Stock | C69300 Lead-Free Brass Rod ...

    Minimum Mechanical Properties: ECO BRASS C69300 is available in lengths between 10 16 feet and bundle weights between 1,000 4,000 lbs. Its shapes include round, hexagon, and other shaped brass rods and brass, with diameters between:

  11. Nickel Alloy 693 (N06693) ::

    Nickel 693 is a nickel alloy formulated for primary forming into wrought products. Cited properties are appropriate for the annealed condition. N06693 is the UNS number for this material. Nickel Alloy 693 is the common industry name. It has a moderately high heat capacity among the wrought nickels in the database.


    performance nickel alloys; in fact, we have invented over 80 percent of the nickel alloys in the market today. We offer the industrys widest range of nickel alloys, cobalt alloys and product formsbacked by over 100 years of experience in nickel alloy technology. These alloys are highly engineered to offer superior properties to perform in the

  13. Inconel 693 alloy stockiest and suppliers -

    INCONEL alloy 693 (UNS N06693) is a new alloy from Special Metals which offers resistance to high temperature corrosion mechanisms not previously available from a nickel-based alloy. Of particular interest to the designer is the alloys resistance to metal dusting.


    693 including elongation and reduction of area; Figure 9 compares the stress rupture properties of alloys 601, 617, 690 and 693 via a Larson-Miller plot. At temperatures below about 871C (1600F), alloy 693 possesses greater rupture strength than alloy 601. The properties of the alloy 693 at 1800F are more similar to those expected for offer alloy 693 desity

  15. Inconel 693,Inconel693,Inconel 693 Forged Forging Rings ...

    Inconel 693 offers excellent resistance to corrosive attack at elevated temperatures in a variety of media. The alloy offers excellent resistance to oxidation in air at temperatures up to 1200C (2192F) as seen in Figure 6.The alloy also resists oxidation in moist air .

  16. Inconel 693-Nickel ALloy Forged Parts, Forging Flanges ...

    Inconel 693 is a difficult to shape and machine using traditional techniques due to rapid work hardening. Due to special mechanical properties of inconel 693 forging parts, there are many wide uses as followings: inconel 693 seamless rolled rings and inconel 693 forging shafts that is used in chemical pump,plunger pumps.

  17. Nickel Alloy 706 / Inconel 706 (UNS N09706)- Aircraft ...

    Alloy 706 (UNS N09706) is a nickel-iron-chromium. As alloy 706 is a precipitation-hardenable alloy that provides high mechanical strength in combination with good fabricability. The properties of Alloy 706 are similar to Alloy 718 however alloy 706 is more readily fabricated.

  18. - C69300 Alloy

    Mechanical Properties* Form Temper Temper Code Tensile Strength (ksi) YS-0.2% Offset YS-0.5% Ext (ksi) Elongation (%) Rockwell B scale Fatigue Strength** (ksi)

  19. INCONEL Alloy 693 - BIBUS METALS

    INCONEL alloy 693 (UNS NO6693) is a new alloy from Specials Metals which offers resis-tance to high temperature corrosion mecha-nisms not previously available from a nickel-based alloy. Of particular interest to the de-signer is the alloys resistance to metal dusting.

  20. 690 Web - Revised 10.12.09

    temperature tensile properties and impact strength are not significantly changed by exposure to critical intermediate temperatures for 12,000 h and longer. The samples were in the annealed condition prior to exposure. Creep and Rupture Properties INCONEL alloy 690 offers attractive properties for applications involving extended service at elevated

  21. Standard Specification for Precipitation-Hardening ...

    Abstract. This guide covers standard specification for precipitation-hardening stainless steel plate, sheet, and strip. The mechanical properties of these steels shall be developed by suitable low-temperature heat treatments or precipitation hardening.

  22. Nickel 693 vs. N06058 Nickel ::

    Both nickel 693 and N06058 nickel are nickel alloys. Both are furnished in the annealed condition. They have 80% of their average alloy composition in common. For each property being compared, the top bar is nickel 693 and the bottom bar is N06058 nickel.

  23. Alloy 693 -

    Alloy 693 (UNS NO6693) is a new alloy which offers resis-tance to high temperature corrosion mechanisms not previously available from a nickel-based alloy. Of particular interest to the de-signer is the alloys resistance to metal dusting.

  24. Inconel Alloy 690 -

    INCONEL alloy 690 (UNS N06690/W. Nr. 2.4642) is a high-chromium nickel alloy having excellent resistance to many corrosive aqueous media and high- temperature atmospheres. In addition to its corrosion resistance, alloy 690 has high strength, good metallurgical stability, and favorable fabrication characteristics.

  25. Age hardening behaviour of Alloy 693 - ScienceDirect

    This paper reports the hardening behaviour of nickel base superalloy Alloy 693. The alloy is designed to derive its strength primarily from the precipitation of coherent ' phase particles, induced by the addition of Al and Ti, in a face centered cubic matrix of Ni-Cr-Fe solid solution.

  26. ECO Brass C69300 - Lead Free ECO Brass Rod Products ...

    With its beginnings starting in 1837, Chase Brass continues to be the leading brass machining manufacturer of extruded brass solid round rod bars and brass round stock in North America. Our products include our signature leaded machinable alloy C360 and C377 as Blue Dot Rods and our lead-free machinable alloy C693 and C8785 ECO BRASS under offer alloy 693 desity

  27. Alloy 602 CA - VDM Metals

    properties VDM Alloy 602 CA has a face-centered cubic lattice. The good mechanical properties, especially at temperatures above 1,000 C (1,832 F), are generated by primarily precipitated M 23 C 6 or M 7 C 3 carbides. Additional gamma precipita-tions can form below 800 C (1,472 F).

  28. Nickel and Cobalt Alloys | METALCOR

    Nickel and Cobalt Alloys Material Overview Sheets, plates, round bars, flat bars, square bars, hexagon bars, angles, welded and seamless tubes and pipes, fittings, cast billets, forged parts organized as One-Stop-Shopping-Concept.

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